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Mist Sprayers Features


A Mist Sprayer provides one of the most efficient ways of applying chemicals with more uniform coverage at a much lower cost compared to other application methods.

Our Advantages:

  • Lower initial cost with more versatility compared to standard boom sprayers!
  • Lower maintenance costs because our Mist Sprayers and Volutes are designed for durability and high quality resulting in less down time due to fewer moving parts to fix or replace.
  • Mist Sprayers save up to 60% on chemicals, up to 75% on fuel bills and up to 80% on application time through Controlled Air Vortex Mist Spraying. This distributes a more even size spray droplet that improves coverage and penetration with 30% of the droplets placed on the underside of the leaves.
  • Powder Coat Painted Heavy Duty Steel Frame- ***Unmatched Quality!***
  • 210 degree fan rotation (Manual, Hydraulic or Electric)
  • Our high velocity fan action breaks the spray into smaller micron size particles. In fact, the mist actually swirls under and around plant foliage surfaces and fixed objects giving you better control and more effective coverage.  You can expect better results,especially in large, hard-to-reach areas!
  • These Mist Sprayers feature a 21st century, user-friendly design that has your safety and ease of serviceability in mind. Each unit comes completely assembled (except trailer axles) and ready for use with all the basic safety and technical information that you will need for operation.
  • Flexibility and versatility comes in one compact unit. The fan volutes are inter-changable.  Our power take off models are designed for use on small, medium and large tractors with 3 point hitches. Our Super Performance Engine Driven units are powered by 20 hp Honda engines and are easily transported by Truck, Pick-up, Skid or on a trailer. Or if your are looking for a smaller engine driven sprayer, look at the Utility Series unit with a 11 hp electric start Honda engine or the ATV Mist Sprayer with a 5.5 hp Honda engine.
  • All units of Poly tanks for long life.

Mist Sprayer Product Literature
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Mist Blower Product Information

The Cannon Volute ®
Part# CRV
Standard On All Mist Blowers

General Use: Insect Control- Spray Livestock, Mosquitoes (West Nile Virus), Weed Control, Spray Produce/Vegetables, Vineyards, Golf Courses, Greenhouses, Fruit Trees, Nut Trees & Tree Farms.

Built with a longer lasting poly construction that will not rust or dent, creates a better spraying pattern, provides greater atomization, enhances the distance that spray droplets are able to cover, and creates more CFM''s of air than a horizontal volute.

Fits Big John, AG-AIR, Spray Innovations, Automatic & Electrospray and most other mist sprayers.

Volute And Handgun Kit Options

Vertical Volutes

General Use: Vegetables-Produce, Vineyards, Fruit Trees, Nut Trees & Tree Farms,
Livestock, Sweet Corn, Golf Courses, & Container Stock

Part# VV11

11-Nozzle Vertical Volute For The 3-Point, Super Duty & Utility Engine Driven Mist Sprayers


Part# VV7
7-Nozzle Vertical Volute For The ATV Engine Driven Mist Sprayer

7-Nozzle Vertical Volute


2-Way Orchard/Vineyard Volute

This volute allows producers to spray Vineyards, Fruit Trees, Nut Trees & Tree Farms much more effectively than ever before! Use less chemicals and water and get better coverage.

The 10-Nozzle 2-Way Orchard/Vineyard Volute sprays in a vertical pattern to cover orchard, grove, and vineyard fruit from top to bottom in one pass!

2-Way Orchard/Vineyard Volute  2 Way Orchard/Vineyard Volute Side View


Part# EA
Hydraulic Cylinders are Standard Equipment On All 3-Point Units For Fan Rotation Control.
Electric Actuators Are Optional For Tractors Without Hydraulics

Electric Actuators

Cast Iron Pumps Are Standard Equipment On 3-Point, Super Performance Engine Driven And Utility Mist Blowers.
Stainless Steel Pump Upgrades Are Recommended For Highly Corrosive Chemicals (ie: Roundup®)

Stainless Steel Pump Upgrades

Part# HGK
Deluxe Pistol Grip Hand Gun Kits with 25 or 50 Feet of hose.

Part# HR-HGK
Manual Hose Reel with Deluxe Pistol Grip Hand Gun Kits 25, 50 or 100 Foot Hose.

Hose Reels With 25 Foot, 50 Foot Or 100 Foot Hose And Deluxe Pistol Grip Handgun Kits

These units are perfect for Farm Feedlot, and Ranch use, Produce-Fruit, Vegetable, Vineyard, Orchards & Groves, as well as Nursery and Greenhouse users! Cities, Municipalities, Parks, Campgrounds, Golf Courses, Clubs find many uses for mist sprayers.

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