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Livestock Insect Spraying

Mist Sprayers are the preferred insecticide sprayer for control of flies, gnats, ticks, mosquitoes and other biting insects found on or near livestock in confinements, feedlots,lagoons, levees and around buildings. Spray cattle, horses, bison and buffalo, turkeys and their surroundings.


Spray LivestockA fly problem may add up to serious animal health difficulties for Dairymen, Cow/Calf and Feedlot Operators and, of course, that leads to a noticeable reduction in profits. In fact, the USDA estimates $360 Million Dollars is lost each year because of Horn Fly infestations. Flies are carriers of disease! They may cause Pinkeye, Mastitis, Anthrax, Tuberculosis and many other health problems.

Cattlemen may lose $10 to $14 per head per year because of Horn Flies and as much as $25 to $33 from Face Fly infestations.

HORN FLIES Stay on cattle and feed intermittently by biting and sucking blood

***500 horn flies will suck 1/2 pound of blood per animal per day***

Numbers on brood cows can exceed 300+ and 2,000+ on herd bulls. They have been shown to reduce gains of yearling cattle on summer pastures by 10-60 pounds and reduce milk production in dairy cows by 10-25%.

FACE FLIES Are a nuisance and contribute to health problems. This fly transfers the "Pink Eye" organism

STABLE FLIES Can reduce weight gains in beef feedlot animals and cow/calf operations by 2-5%

HOUSE FLIES Are a nuisance and are often named in complaints in lawsuits. Since the life cycle of the flies during warm weather is from 10-21 days, it is important to provide continuous control with proper rotation of product and timely treatment with the AmeriBest mist blower. Begin your spraying programs prior to the appearance of the first flies of the season.

You gain maximum benefit from the pest control product that you spray on your cattle and premises with the AmeriBest Mist Sprayer! No more pinkeye, better overall health, more milk production for dairy & cow/calf producers! Another benefit is that your animals will go into the late fall/winter months mange and lice free. You also get better gain to feed ratios and it makes your livestock a lot easier to manage.

Livestock Confinement SprayingTIP: When spraying livestock, always spray down wind. The 140'' range will allow you to spray from a distance. That means that you can spray large areas and numbers of livestock quickly and efficiently.

As your animals become accustomed to the relief they get from the mist and insect control, they will come toward the sprayer 99% of the time. Because AmeriBest''s Mist Sprayers may utilize concentrated solutions, a large area and large numbers of livestock can be treated quickly and effectively.


Notice: For the most effective fly & pest control program, you must spray and change products regularly during the fly season

During peak fly periods, everyone is miserable; you, your hired help and of course, your cattle! Call AmeriBest Mist Sprayers today for details. We''ll consult with you on how to get residual fly & pest control by spraying your cattle, feedlots, working chutes, holding pens, corrals, drylots, free stall barns, loafing sheds, pen floors, calf hutches, manure storage areas, windbreaks and vegetation around livestock and premise areas.

For the best results, always avoid over spraying. The fine mist from the AmeriBest Mist Sprayer will coat hair and penetrate the hide, giving effective control over insects. You don''t have to soak the animal to get the desired results. Treatment is recommended once a week during the fly, gnat, and mosquito season for the most effective results.


“I recently purchased a pto driven sprayer from your company. What a great piece of equipment. My ranch had a grasshopper infestation exceeding 250 hoppers per square yard. One pass with your machine totally, I mean totally, eliminated them. Great design, simple to assemble and most of all very effective.” John Fraser, Wild Horse Cattle Co., Wild Horse Nevada

Dairy Fly Control

Dairy Sprayer

House flies, stable flies and blow flies are dairy cattle pests that are kept in dry lots, free stall barns and calf hutches. These flies breed in bedding, manure, spilled feed, dirt and organic matter. Dairy cattle that go to pasture between milkings are affected by horn and face flies.

Knockdown sprays and residual sprays.

Mist Sprayers are the most efficient way to apply pesticides to areas where flies are concentrated because the uniform droplets can be directed to the target area with a controlled air vortex to kill flies on contact. Use a Mist Sprayer to cover dry lots, free stall barns, calf hutchs, trees and vegetation around pens and buildings... all of the places where flies harbor.

Mist Sprayers are the best way to apply residual sprays to walls, ceilings and other surfaces in barns, loafing sheds and other places outside of the milking barn. The interior ans shaded outer walls of calf hutches can also be treated with residual sprays. Ultraviolet light breaks down residual sprays, so they should only be applied to shaded areas. Rain will wash residual sprays off treated surfaces, so subsequent applications will be necessary. Residual sprays can''t be used inside milking parlors... pyrethrin sprays are the preferred treatment in these areas.

The key to insect control in dairy premises is to alternate knockdown and residual spray applications throughout the fly season to reduce adult fly populations with a knockdown spray in one week and then apply residual sprays in the following week to limit emerging females that begin to deposit eggs.

Horn flies and face flies are a problem in pastures. Horn flies can reduce milk production in dairy cows by 10-25%. Face flies transmit disease and are the carrier of the pink eye organism. Mist Sprayers can be used to spray directly on the animal to penetrate the hide and kill flies.

***The Label Is The Law***
Always follow the label instructions for insecticide applications!

Poultry Insect Control

The most common parasitic insects in poultry are poultry lice, mites, litter beetles, bedbugs, chiggers, and flies. The majority of these insects live on the skin and feed on skin debris, feathers, and blood which can lower growth rates, reduce egg production, and could cause debilitation and death of the birds in heavy infestations. Poultry houses can also be a breeding source flies which are carriers of poultry diseases.

Most recently, litter beetles (Darkling Beetles), especially the lesser mealworm, have become the most serious pest affecting poultry production because of their high reproductive rate. Litter beetles are difficult to control, carry disease, cause considerable damage to insulation in poultry facilities, and may migrate to nearby urban housing areas. Heavy infestations are also known to consume considerable amounts of feed. Litter beetles feed on poultry carcasses and are vectors of several diseases such as Marck''s disease, avian flu, salmonella, fowl pox, coccidiosis, botulism and New Castle disease. Poultry can eat litter beetles and transmit this diseases throught the population.

Mites, especially northern fowl mites, are very serious external parasites of poultry. Blood feeding mite populations can buildup quickly, especially during cool weather. Mites can feed off of birds for more than 2 weeks and can survive in houses that are temporarily empty.

Applying insecticides with a Mist Sprayer after the building is emptied and thoroughly cleaned will reduce parasitic insect and beetle numbers. Residual insecticides can be applied to the soil after the litter is removed and in areas where migration occurs. Disinfectants and insecticides should never be applied at the same time because each may destroy the toxic property of the other.

House flies are the most common fly pest in poultry operations. Blow flies and house flies may also become a problem. House flies normally are not biting poultry, but can spread some poultry diseases. Mist Sprayers can be used in space treatment applications of fly resting areas to quickly knock down a growing fly population. Mist Sprayers are also used in residual fly control applications of building surfaces and outdoor shaded areas.

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