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Deer/Elk Insect Spraying

Insect control is essential to prevent disease and reduce the stress in your deer and elk herd. Use our Mist Sprayers to apply insecticides directly on the animals or for premise spraying to control flies, gnats, midges, mosquitoes, ticks and other biting insects that are found on the animals and around pens, buildings, tree lines, grassy border areas and lagoons.

Deer & Elk SprayersEpizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) and Blue Tongue, Cutaneous Fibroma, Lyme Disease, Mange, Pink Eye, Nasal Bots, West Nile Virus and other bacterial or viral infections caused by biting insects produce serious animal health difficulties or death in deer and elk herds.

Mist Sprayers are perfect to help you control biting insects that carry viruses and bacteria that cause disease and health problems on deer and elk farms.

Mist Sprayers For Deer/Elk Farm Insect Control Flies, ticks, mosquitoes and other biting insects make your animals very uncomfortable, reduce growth rates and can cause severe illness in your herds. Our sprayers allow you to provide continuous control of insect populations with timely treatments and proper product rotations (prevents resistance to insecticides). You gain maximum benefit from your pest control products because you are able to utilize safer concentrated solutions and effectively treat a large area and larger numbers of animals quickly.

There are insecticide products that you can spray directly onto your animals. The fine mist from the Mist Sprayer will coat hair and penetrate the hide, giving effective control over insects. You don''t have to soak the animal to get the desired results. Treatment is recommended at least once a week during the fly, gnat, and mosquito season for the most effective results.

TIP: Always spray down wind when spraying deer or elk. The 140'' - 180'' Mist Sprayer range will allow you to spray from a distance. That means that you can spray large areas and numbers of animals quickly and efficiently. You must spray and change pesticide products on a regular basis in order to have an effective pest control program for your herd. Always avoid over-spraying for best results.

Everyone is miserable during peak fly periods... you, your hired help and of course, your animals! Call AmeriBest Mist Sprayers today for details. We''ll consult with you on how to get the best residual fly & pest control program in place.

Spray up to 180 Feet Without Booms!

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