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Pasture and Range Spraying
Weed and Brush Control

Mist Sprayers are the only way to spray herbicides on your pasture, range land, fence rows, road side ditches, tree lines and margin areas.

These high and low volume mist blowers  create smaller mist size particles in a 10 foot to 180 foot air stream that stays low to the ground. This provides the best control and uniform spraying coverage... Over, Under and Around Plant Foliage.

The Mist Sprayers'' extended spraying range allows you to spray your creek banks, levees, roadside ditches, deep valleys, steep terrain, hard to reach and rocky areas using 1/10th the water and significantly less chemical. Plus, there are no booms to break!

Our Mist Blower is very effective in spraying:

  • Bull Thistles
  • Canada Thistles
  • Musk Thistles
  • Roadside Thistles
  • Wavyleaf Thistles
  • Yellowspine Thistles

 Mist Blowers For Killing Thistles

  • Prickly Pear Cactus
  • Field Bindweed
  • Russian Knapweed
  • Sericia Lespedeza
  • Multiflora Rose
  • Leafy Spurge
  • Boatflax
  • Wild Buckwheat
  • Yellow Startwhistle
  • Cedar Trees
  • Skunk Bush
  • Shinnery Oak
  • Sand Sagebrush
  • Salt Cedar
  • and many, many more weeds and woody plants! 

Pasture Sprayer Video:

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations says, "For applying herbicides and silvicides, the mist blower is the most fantastic plant killer known."

Most users effectively spray 38 to 57 acres with a 60-gallon Heavy Duty Mist Blower.

You may use lower herbicide concentrations because many herbicides are effective at concentrations lower than those recommended on the label, especially when combined with a surfactant. Lower concentrations can decrease risks and costs of herbicide treatments. Lower concentrations can also be equally effective; however, the manufacturer cannot guarantee its effectiveness. Test patches of target weeds to find the herbicide concentration that will work best for your needs.

Please note that it is illegal to use higher concentrations of herbicide than are specified on the label, but it is allowable to use lower concentrations as long as the label does not prohibit it.

In most cases, one herbicide application with an AmeriBest Mist Sprayer will give you excellent weed and brush control results; however, extreme cases may require two or three applications.

The addition of crop oil or other surfactants increases penetration into the plant tissue and reduces evaporation loss and wind drift in pasture and rangeland spraying applications. Most researchers feel that crop oil may be even more effective and 100% better for the Environment than diesel fuel. AmeriBest Mist Sprayers recommends using crop oil rather than diesel fuel. Crop oil amounts should be limited to 1-2 pints per acre. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE SUPPLIERS RECOMMENDED APPLICATION RATES.

Researchers have found that grass production could be increased 40% to 300% at an annual cost of approximately $1.80 per acre or less with Mist Sprayer applications.


Spray Roadside Ditches

 Spray Roadsides Herbicide SprayersSpray Road Side Ditches With A Mist Blower

Fence Row Sprayer Video:


"I recently purchased a PTO driven sprayer from your company. What a great piece of equipment. My ranch had a grasshopper infestation exceeding 250 hoppers per square yard. One pass with your machine totally, I mean totally, eliminated them. Great design, simple to assemble and most of all very effective." John Fraser, Wild Horse Cattle Co., Wild Horse Nevada

"When it comes to mist sprayers, this is heads above the competition when it comes to the technical knowledge of the applications in fly control, pasture and brush spraying. We produce more grass using a Mist Sprayer, and at a reasonable cost! We feel it''s a necessity to have a Mist Sprayer in our cow/calf operation." Dr. Jerry Nelson, DVM, Soldier, Kansas

A Mist Sprayer is the preferred equipment of farm, pasture and rangeland owners for herbicide and insecticide applications. It will be for you too.

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