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The Super Performance Engine Driven Mist Sprayer
Spray Up To 160 Feet Without Booms!

20 HP Super Performance Engine Driven Mist Sprayer

General Use: Spray fruit trees, vegetables-produce, sweet corn, container stock, Christmas trees, nut trees, pasture, weeds, brush, levees, road right-of-way, fence lines, mosquitoes, livestock, confinements, crops, and more! .

 Standard Equipment:

  • Heavy Duty Powder Coat Painted Main Frame (Skid) And Fork Lift Compatible
  • 20 HP Twin Cylinder Honda GX Series Engine With Electric Start, Variable Speed Throttle, 3-Gallon (11.36 Liter) Gasoline Tank And Battery Cables
  • 6 Function Wireless Remote Control - Variable Speed Throttle, Right To Left Fan Rotation,  and Liquid On/Off Control
  • 100 Gallon Poly Tank- 60 Optional (379 Liter- 227 Optional)
  • 6 Roller Cast Iron Pump - Stainless Steel Pump Optional (Rated -22 Gallons Per Minute -75 Liter Per Minute) For applying soluble powders, emulsions, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.  
  • Optional 5 Or 7 Gallon Per Minute (18.9 Or 26.5 Liter Per Minute)
  • Pressure Regulator, Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge (More Accurate), By-pass Agitation (Hydro-Jet Optional)
  • Huck Riveted 19.5 Inch (50.8 cm) Fan With Safety Rings (210 Degree Rotation)
  • Cannon Volute®- Designed To Spray Long Distances - 160 Feet Horizontal, 120 Feet Vertical Maximum (55 Meters Horizontal - 38 Meters Vertical)
  • Optional 1-Way 11-Nozzle Vertical Volute Sprays Out 65 Feet Horizontal, 50 Feet Vertical Maximum (23 Meters Horizontal).
  • Optional 2-Way Orchard/Vineyard Volute Sprays Out To 35 Feet Horizontal, 25 Feet Vertical On Each Side (11 Meters Horizontal)
  • Dimensions 7 Inch L x 39 Inch W x 43 Inch H, Frame Width 32 Inch
    200.66 cm L x 99 cm W x 109 cm H, Frame Width 81.28 cm
  • Empty Weight 820 Pounds (372 kg)
All Mist Sprayers have a 10 year main frame warranty!
Dave Nelson, Golf Superintendent Akron Golf Course says "I used the Mist Sprayer on my course and fell in love with it. I found so many uses for it, from spraying greens, blowing leaves off the fairways, to mosquito control. I just had to have it included in my utility fleet. No matter what course I may work at, I will always find a use for my MIST SPRAYER!"

We offer customer recommended recipes for your spraying needs.

 Super Performance Engine Driven Mist Sprayers

Volute And Handgun Kit Options

Part# VV11

1-Way 11-Nozzle Vertical Volute -
General Use: Orchards, Vineyards, Christmas Tree Farms, Nursery/Container Stock, Vegetables-Produce, Sweet Corn, Blueberries, Blackberries, Etc.

Part# OVV

2-Way 10-Nozzle Orchard/Vineyard Volute

The 10-Nozzle 2-Way Orchard/Vineyard Volute sprays in a vertical pattern to cover
orchard, grove, and vineyard fruit from top to bottom in one pass!


This volute allows producers to spray Vineyards, Fruit Trees, Nut Trees & Tree Farms much more effectively than ever before! Use less chemicals and water and get better coverage.

 Part# HGK

Deluxe Pistol Grip Hand Gun Kits with 25 or 50 Feet of hose.


Part# HR-HGK
Manual Hose Reel with Deluxe Pistol Grip Hand Gun Kits 25, 50 or 100 Foot Hose.

Hose Reels With 25 Foot, 50 Foot Or 100 Foot Hose And Deluxe Pistol Grip Handgun Kits

Pump Options

Cast Iron Pumps Are Standard Equipment On 3-Point, Mist Blowers.
Stainless Steel Pump Upgrades Are Recommended For Highly Corrosive Chemicals (ie: Roundup®)


Stainless Steel Pump Upgrades


Electric Diaphragm 5 or 7 GPM Pumps
Roundup® Ready


Electric Diaphragm PumpsLooking for a smaller engine driven unit?  See the Utility Series Mist Sprayer.


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